Combat Armory Represented at Ironman New Orleans 70.3


All of us here would like to congratulate Dr. Joe Aoun on his impressive showing at the Ironman competition in New Orleans. His performance in the 70.3 mile competition encompasses the same fight and grit that are personified in all Combat Armory products. Joe Aoun finished the race composed of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run in 6:25:09.


This is especially impressive considering this is his first ever attempt at the competition. There were a total of over 1600 competitors in the 2014 New Orleans Ironman 70.3. The 1.2-mile swim was around the South Shore Harbor. The 56-mile out-and-back bike course took competitors out of the city and through the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, and back into town. The 13.1-mile run was full of dips in the town and around local waterways. The race concluded at Popp Fountain in City Park.

“I was filled with anxiety as I looked at the water before the start of the race” began Joe. “A couple minutes into the race, the anxiety vanished, and it was all of my training taking over from there”.Dr. Aoun continued, “The competition here in New Orleans never let up, so it’s a constant battle between yourself and the course and yourself along with all the other competitors …. All of my training and hard work is what made this possible and kept me full of confidence throughout the race. Preparation has always been key in every life challenge I’ve experienced.” The Ironman 70.3 competition is held at over 70 locations on every continent on the globe. Joe has accomplished great things while representing the Combat Armory brand, and we will continue supporting him as much we can in the future. We could not be more proud of Joe as we know he definitely exhibits all of Combat Armory’s core values.

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                                                                    Competitors Walking To The Lake


                                                                South Shore Harbor, Lake Pontchartrain


                                                                             First Group of Swimmers


                                                                            Run To the Biking Portion


                                                                         Old Glory on a Sunny Day


                                                                     Lacing Up For 13.1 Mile Run


                    Cross To the Finish after 70.3 Miles, Congratulations on a Great Race to All Competitors